A simple OSX application that allows you to view different primitive polytopes in three to seven dimensions.


One of the things I always found lacking when learning about higher dimensional geometry was how there aren't any really simple programmes that just let you view something like an n-cube and play with the camera. Sure, there's a good deal of videos to be found on Youtube, and you could just whip out your old, trusty copy of Mathematica or MATLAB. But that is a bit over the top if all you want to do is just have a quick look.

To alleviate this issue, I've written this rather simple Mac application. It allows you to view n-cubes, n-simplices, n-spheres from 3D to 7D, as well as plain ol' boring 3D moebius strips and klein bagels. I originally intended to put this programme on the Mac App Store and add for it to have quite a few more features. But alas, I really don't have the time to work on it right now. Version 1 is thus still somewhat unfinished.

Note that part of this application's source code, specifically the part dealing with the mathematics used to project the polytopes to 3-space and 2-space, is available on this site's Git repository. Check the source code page for more on that. If you're specifically interested in 4-cubes, a.k.a. tesseracts, I've prepared an online version of that as well, with the full source code available.

Update (2012-08-24): I've released version 2 of the application. It's functionally identical to version 1, but this version is signed with my developer certificate to make it less annoying to install on OSX 10.8.

Update (2012-10-06): Topologic-3 is now available on the Mac App Store. I'm keeping milestone releases free, so you only really need to buy it on the App Store if you need or want the latest and greatest features.

Update (2013-10-05): Topologic is currently undergoing a lot of cleanups and new clients are being developed. In particular, the current version (5) added a Linux/OSX/etc CLI client, and the next release (version 6) will add a JSON/SVG-based renderer that runs in your browser window and a GLUT version that should run on any OS. A preview of the browser-based renderer is available online. This release will also improves the mouse handling and the general scalability of the templates. This version is fully open source, with the source GIT repository available at The OSX client will be updated after this next release.

Update (2013-10-10): Release 6 is out now, which includes more cleanups, an open source GLUT client, majour improvements to the mouse handling and sierpinski gaskets and carpets. The app is currently being submitted to the Mac App Store and should appear sometime soon.

Update (2013-11-01): Release 7 is out now, which includes random affine IFSs, fractal flames and a WebGL frontend. Read all about it in the release notes.



Can't have a release without those. Here we go.

start screen, a 4-cubea 4-cube, at the same angle in 3d but rotated in 4da 7-cube, rotated at a series of random anglesa klein bagel


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Written by Magnus Achim Deininger