I went to the unfail unconference at the Science Gallery a few weeks back and kept meaning to try and write about the Algebalance game.

unFailing Harder

A few weeks ago I went to the #unfailconf at the Dublin Science Gallery. Lots of fun was had; too much to reiterate here, but there was one thing in particular that I wanted to write about: I met David, who was kind enough to share his experience develping his iOS application Algebalance (available on the iOS App Store).

David presenting his iOS game, Algebalance, at the unfail unconference at the Dublin Science Gallery.

Algebalance is a game for iOS that is designed to be fun and teach children a thing or two about basic algebra: resolving terms using the good ol' scales analogon. The game starts out with simple puzzles based on that premise and gradually becomes more challenging. It's fun, cute, swift and I'd totally buy it for my kids. There's also a short demo on YouTube, so you get to enjoy some hands-on pretty pictures like we did during David's talk: