New column: The Source Fantastic!

New column: The Source Fantastic!


Announcing a new positive code review column that will start next Monday

Starting next Monday, there will be a new column on the blog: The Source Fantastic. We're going to take turns writing positive code reviews of open source projects, because really, there is enough moaning about bad code and negativity on the web, and nowhere near enough positive recognition for good code. We are shooting for a review every two weeks.

Obviously, even good code is not perfect, OS projects are usually works in progress, and everyone's code contains some WTFeries - so we don't shoot for projects that have flawless code overall, but for code that is generally readable and as WTFery-free as it gets.

We are going to focus on projects started, and mostly developed, by members of marginalised groups in order to give them more visibility. Everyone is welcome to submit projects that they think we should review - please keep this in mind when you do. Submit your suggestions in the comments, or via email to me or Magnus.

Our first code review next week will be about the shadow-utils package, which most people who ever logged in to a Linux machine have used with or without knowing about it. It's going to be up on Monday, so watch this space!

Written by Nadja Deininger ().