No more disqus!

No more disqus!

Disqus is actually surprisingly annoying to inline, and I wasn't really happy with how it pretty much forces you to also load Google Analytics, so I've killed it on the site.

The DNT setting in your browser still has an effect, though. It controls whether or not iframes get to load in the page or whether they turn into links for you to follow. For YouTube, etc.

Seeing as how most of the discussion on contents of this site aren't really happening here, and the disqus plugin is broken half of the time anyway, this shouldn't really affect anyone. If you do want to add comments to an article, just do so on Facebook or Google+ and tag the author or something :).

Right. Now carry on, then!

Last Modified: 2016-05-15T22:28:03+02:00

Written by Maggie Danger ().