Site Update: DISQUS

Site Update: DISQUS


This is a quick update to put out the word about a new feature on the site: comments on articles.

I Caved

Back when I was designing this website, I thought to myself "hey, I don't really need a comment system". So I didn't build one - which sure made the whole thing about not using a CMS and going with plain XSLT a whole damn lot easier. But I've been thinking, sometimes those comments are pretty damn handy. At least with high profile articles like the one on SSD write endurance, the one on that tells you how to configure your nginx as a forward proxy with transparent XSLT transforms, or even the one about Markov Chains in pure SQL(ite). I sure got a lot of emails and Facebook messages about those, so I figure proper comments might be in order. So now the pages look like this:

DISQUS comments are now enabled on all articles

So yeah, I caved: As of right now I'm adding the DISQUS comments plugin to the website. I've looked around a bit, and this one certainly seemed the sanest - in particular it won't have your browser call back to Facebook or Twitter unless you tell it to; and apparently it's even designed to work well with screen readers. Plus it won't clog down the page loading unnecessarily like certain other plugins. See the about page for some additional notes on what this plugin may or may not do.

Written by Maggie Danger ().