So long, and thanks for all the fish!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


We're finally out of this dump that is Krautland, which turned out to have some very interesting implications all over the site. Oh, and personal implications, too, I guess.

'twas neither quick nor pleasant

OK, I keep badmouthing the place, but it wasn't entirely horrible, either. But back to where this log entry starts: As may be public knowledge by now, my wife and I have moved out of Krautland to a much more progressive country. That's not entirely narrowing it down too much, but then if you really wanted to know more you could just use whois, right? ;)

Personally, I'm very happy about the move. And it's certainly strenghtened my prior assertion that Krautland is a backwards, overly-bureaucratic, pseudo-secular place that kinda forgot to pick up on this 'Internet' thing that's been going on for a few years now. A place where it's OK to hold Nazi trials that could be mistaken for a Catholic tribunal. Where we're told it's OK to pray to a different Invisible Avenger, so long as we don't party too hard, or - gasp - dare to dance when YHWH's schedule would rather have us be solemn, depressed, homophobic and definitely not question the state's authority. A place where you have to be worried about being fined 50 grand over data protection issues by people who deliberately ignore their technical advisors.

A place where you need an imprint for a website. Complete with phone number and physical mail address. Like we didn't have whois since the 80s. You can hardly explain that to anyone with a marginal understanding of technology, much less justify it. But there you have it.

So, what about the site?

OK, first of all, this site has moved to a new server ISP. The new ISP is French, and the server is now hosted in a nice, shiny new datacentre in Paris. Since that removed that last Krautian link in the hosting chain, the imprint is now gone for good. I'm also no longer linking to the whois database search over at Gandi, since I'd expect people to be able to use a whois client without any help on my part.

The second change resulting directly from this, is that I've removed all the conditional parts of the site's XSLTs that enabled weird, quirky workarounds for requests coming in from Krautian IP addresses. That means that you'll no longer need to click through a cookie gate to enable Disqus comments, and you will see the Twitter plugins pop right up, regardless of your IP address. Why? Because having to maintain two separate views depending on your source IP address pissed me off to no end - and personally I think correlating visitor IPs to countries is much more of a privacy invasion than serving a website with a Twitter plugin enabled. On the bright side that also completely removes all cookies from the site.

And finally, I'll try my damndest to not mention The Warnot write about political issues. Should be easy though, since I'm now happily living in a progressive country that embraces technology instead of fighting it through concocted analogies to ancient incantations to the machine spirits.

So long, Krautland. I've known you for a long time, but the spark's gone. Let's just be friends. It's better that way.

Background photo credit: Justin Dolske / / CC BY-SA

Written by Maggie Danger ().