Topologic, Release 7

Topologic, Release 7


Pretty things! Squeee! Even if you don't have a Mac!

Topologic-7: Release Notes

It's time for another release of Topologic. Huzzah! But before I go into details, I'd like to showcase the best new feature this release has to offer to all non-geeks and non-OSXers: a WebGL client! Don't know what to make of that? Well, let me show you...

Yep, that's right, now you don't need a Mac nor a compiler to play with Topologic. Now it runs right in your browser window! Go ahead, give it a try. It takes the same arguments as the CLI version as a #fragment-identifier, too, by the way. Sadly this does require a recent browser and proper graphics drivers on your box. But I've been told it works on Mint with FF and Chromium, and I've tried it on OSX and Windows with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so chances are it'll work for you, too. If not, try updating your browser and your graphics drivers. Also, let's all praise kripken for their 'emscripten' C++-to-JS cross compiler. That really helped with porting, hehe.


The canonical master repository is at A tarball for release 7 is available as a separate download, in case you prefer those.

New: Mirrors

I've already announced this in libefgy-3 release notes, but it probably won't hurt to repeat myself here either; both libefgy and Topologic are now available through Github and Google Code as well as via the main repository, seeing as how people really seem to like using Github ;). Mirror locations are:

New Features

Like the WebGL client at Yeah, well, you're in for two additional treats as well. No tricks - cept for them puns, those are intended.

Fractal Flames

I've already pointed out how the latest libefgy added fractal flames, but it's worth repeating. The implementation even includes a fragment shader implementation of their colouring algorithm - it's still a bit dodgy, of course, but hey, it's pretty damn impressive. Since I already used the 3D fractal flame youtube video on the libefgy-3 release notes, here's a different one in 4D: