I See Pretty Things in Topologic/V7

I See Pretty Things in Topologic/V7


I've wanted to mess with fractal flames for years, but it seems like I've finally found the time to actually do so.

News From the Front

So, Topologic and its CLI/GLUT counterpart are obviously great for visualising geometric primitives in - more or less - arbitrary dimensions. But there's only so much excitement you can come up with over cubes and spheres. But what about... prettier things? Like this, maybe:

random black-and-white 3D fractal flame

Yep, that's right, I'm working on an implementation of the original fractal flames - as described by Scott Draves and Erik Reckase in their 2003 paper - but IN SPACE. Well, in higher dimensional geometric spaces anyway. This particular beauty up there came up yesterday when I extended V6's IFS code with the variations described by Draves and Reckase, so I thought I'd share it while it's still hot.

Much unlike the original version of the flames described in the paper, the version in libefgy/Topologic doesn't use a variant of the chaos game but rather it deforms a reference mesh directly. The result is very similar with higher levels of iterations, but it seems somewhat faster and more predictable to calculate. It also works a lot better in 3D and up, because it doesn't simulate depth - it actually has depth. Colouring's going to be a pain though, might have to skip that for a release.

Stay tuned for more pretty things - IN SPACE ;).

Written by Maggie Danger ().