Van Gogh Workshop

Van Gogh Workshop


I'm quite pleased with the result of the Van Gogh workshop at our Amsterdam outing.

That Was Fun

So, Sarah just sent us an email earlier that the pictures we drew at our Amsterdam company outing arrived in the mail. I was with the Van Gogh group and came up with this:

This is the picture I drew at the Van Gogh workshop at our Amsterdam outing.

The idea was to draw a still life in a style similar to Van Gogh's. We used acrylic instead of oil paint, but it still worked out pretty well. I think I nailed the flow and motion aspects, but I didn't really manage to do the impressionist dot thingy. Still, I like how that turned out, given that we only had one and a half hour to draw and it was my first time using acrylic paint. Oh yeah: 1 Bonus Internets to anyone who can figure out what I drew. Pro tip: it ain't sunflowers :P.

Written by Maggie Danger ().